...they strive to make each video personalized and fit the couple they are working with.

Even our music fit our style perfectly... - Brianna G.

Every time I watch our wedding videos, it takes me back to that moment. 

I see something new each time, and this is such a gift.

Our wedding pictures were wonderful, but the video made those memories magical... — Sarah P.

Traveling Tiger Wedding Films captured the most incredible day of our lives

and have allowed us to remember it always.

There are so many special moments you tend to forget during a wedding day

but Lev & Karen make sure to capture them for you so you will never forget them... - Daneka M.

Our team of cinematographers and certified filmmakers arrive at your wedding venue with state of the art equipment and a passion for excellence.

Our 4K capabilities and exceptional sound quality, along with our uniquely innovative editing style and unparalleled customer service, ensure fabulous results… every time!

Our Promise



1819 SW 5th Avenue

Suite 400

Portland, OR 97201

1819 SW 5th Avenue #400

Portland, OR 97201

While planning my wedding everyone I talked to said they regretted one thing--not getting a videographer.

So I listened and am so blessed we were connected with Traveling Tiger Wedding Films.

Seriously the BEST choice we made for our whole wedding!!! - Shannon S.

The quality of the production was absolutely 5 star

but almost better than that was having Lev and Karen part of our day.

They fit in so well and never made you feel like you were in front of a camera. It was completely seamless.

We would have them part of every important family event if we could!! — Elisa B.

We promise to put as much energy and love into creating your wedding film as if we were doing our own wedding! 

We promise to provide you with our distinctive style of beautiful and thoughtfully crafted wedding films.

In addition, we will deliver your Distinctive Wedding Film at a price that is fair and affordable for both you and your family. 

Your Wedding

What People Are Saying About Traveling Tiger Wedding Films

"Where to start-Well Lev and Karen first off are amazing people. So kind and calming. It was so refreshing to have people like that around on a hectic and intense day. Of course it was a beautiful and perfect day and they captured it amazingly! Every video we received from them in the package we chose is just incredible! I can't even thank them enough because it seriously is priceless having these videos. My husband and I both say it was the best choice we made in hiring them to film our day. Photography is always a must but doesn't even compare to videography. While planning my wedding everyone I talked to said they regretted one thing-not getting a videographer. So I listened and am so blessed we were connected with Traveling Tiger Wedding Films. Seriously the BEST choice we made for our whole wedding!!! Thank you again Lev and Karen!!!"    -- Shannon S.

"It truly couldn't be more perfect! If there's one thing we know for sure was choosing to hire you was one of the best decisions we made! Your work is incredible and we will treasure this always. We are so eternally grateful for you. We can't imagine how much work this takes to put all this together and appreciate everything you've done for us. Just thank you again, so very much, for helping make our memories so special. 
You definitely made our day!"    -- Lydia and Rob P.

"These two were absolutely amazing! Affordable, awesome equipment and extremely professional! Highly recommend!"    -- Samantha L.

​"Working with Traveling Tiger was an absolutely wonderful experience!! The videographers we had were extremely talented, incredibly nice and attentive to every single detail. I am so happy that we had them at our wedding, we couldn't be luckier! And truly the best thing you can do for your wedding is be able to look back on it, highly recommended and we highly recommend you using Traveling Tiger Wedding Films!"    -- Tiffany N.

"A wedding is a maelstrom of anticipation, jubilation, and warmhearted remembrances that will eventually fade in clarity with time. Not to mention, for many, that clarity is already lessened by a wedding night overflowing with dancing and libations. My wife and I knew that experiencing our wedding again, and sharing it with others is better consumed by storytelling than a list of facts (pictures). Although we didn’t have the budget to hire Spielberg, we were lucky enough to find an exceptional enough second option which wouldn’t handcuff our limited budget. Our second option, Traveling Tiger Productions, was everything BUT secondary. We had holdfast high expectations which they not only met, but surpassed by leaps and bounds. Moderately new to the wedding video realm, Lev and Karen swiftly have adapted their talents to masterfully capture our special day. They captured more than 10 hours of footage and sewed it into a masterful 7 minute quilt embodying all the singular elements of our day. Lev and Karen are great communicators (both verbally and visually), flexible both on price and creative, and are willing to accommodate even the pickiest of brides/grooms. Overall, Traveling Tiger Productions are going to do some amazing montages on their quest to become the best videographers in Oregon and abroad. Book them while you can; you won’t regret it."           -- Jeffrey and Danielle K.

"As wedding videographers, Lev and Karen are great! We expected that. What we did not expect, was their fabulous customer service and

uncompromising attention to every detail. Thank you both!!" If you're looking for great videography in Seattle, you've found it!   --Susanne P.

"We could not have had a better experience. Lev and Karen are so so great! They are very professional and are so accommodating. They went above and beyond for us and we are forever grateful for them. We are very happy they were apart of our special day. What we pictured for our video was not even close to what Lev and Karen made for us. It blew every single expectation out of the water. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a professional, personal couple that are invested in providing you a very special, intimate video of your special day."  -- Jessie G.

"Lev and Karen have the ability to capture moments in time worthy of memory - Made possible by their smart instincts. We knew from the first "shot" that they had a genuine desire to capture the best day of our lives, with all its joy and unpredictability. We appreciated their focus, kindness and care, and would recommend them to anyone looking for real people willing and able to capture real moments."  -- Morgan H.

"This is the BEST company by far to use for your wedding videography! I could not have asked for a better wedding video. The experience was great. I have very high expectations (as any bride would) and they by far exceeded what I wanted! I've replayed our wedding video at least 50 times. I would recommend Traveling Tiger Wedding Films to everyone."  -- Brittany S. 


Some First Impressions from Our Clients' Social Media

"It's like I was there again and I am bawling like a baby right now...This is fantastic." -- Terra H. 

"The filming and editing were incredible! Nice job Traveling Tiger Productions." -- Tammy C.

"Awesome! So much more than just wedding videography!" -- Madison S.

"That is what love looks like!" -- Aileen L. 

 "This was so amazing to watch!!! Best couture wedding films in Seattle!"" -- Natalie W.

"So lovely! It made me cry all over again! Great wedding videographer!" -- Nia M.

"Felt like I was there, tears and all. Love love." -- Angelique L. 

What We Offer

On your wedding day, you will cherish every moment. We want that feeling to last forever. You'll be creating unique memories that you will want to share with friends and family throughout your lifetime and perhaps pass down through future generations. After your guests have gone home and the caterers have packed up, only your wedding film will be able to fully bring that day back to life for you and your loved ones to enjoy again and again.

​​Traveling Tiger Wedding​ Films

...there was a sense that they were committed to not just get the job done but to create a masterpiece... - Bjorn K.

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